NIFS online Wellness Programs for Your Corporate Wellness Needs

describe the imageRead about real results from Health YOUniversity participants:

John lost 2% body fat in two months while working with his Health YOUnversity coaches.

Amy decreased her insulin injections by 75% when she lost 10 pounds in three months with the help of her coaches. 


Read what Health YOUniversity program participants have to say:

"Since 9/2010 I have lost 11lbs, not that drastic.  But more important, I have lost 7 inches.  My days are not perfect and I struggle with my body image daily, but I look at old pictures and see how far I have come.  They keep me motivated to not go back. :) Thanks for the support and the extra information to help me along my journey.  I will reach my goals and reward my self for all of my accomplishments.” 

What is wellness coaching?

What is goal-focused coaching?HYOU operator

Health YOUniversity coaches take an individual approach which starts with helping you determine your personal health goals.  Based on your goals, our coaches create a personalized plan that includes reliable health information, as well as tips and advice.   As you work toward your goals, our coaches help you evaluate progress and revise your plan/goals if needed.  Finally, once you have met your goals, our coaches will help you strategize on how to maintain your success and stay motivated.

Who are the Health YOUniversity coaches?

Health YOUniversity coaches are degreed professionals trained in health, fitness, behavioral psychology and nutrition.  All coaches are certified as Health Fitness Specialists through the American College of Sports Medicine or they are registered dietitians through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Meet our coaches

Shannon Hendrix-Buxton has a B.S. in Psychology from George Mason University and an M.A. in Health Psychology from the University of Indianapolis. She specializes in motivation, wellness coaching, and personal fitness.

Christen Smith has a B.S. in Exercise Science/Sports Medicine from the University of Louisville and has earned her Health Fitness Specialist certification from the American College of Sports Medicine.

Amanda Vogel has a B.S. in Nutrition/Dietetics from The University of Akron in Ohio. She has been working in health promotion for over 5 years, including 3 years of wellness coaching.

Laura Zavadil is a Registered Dietitian who graduated with a Bachelor's of Food and Nutrition (B.F.N.) from Youngstown State University in Youngstown, Ohio. Her work background includes over 5 years of working with school-aged children and educating them on the importance of health, nutrition and fitness.