Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 4.24.08 PMWe've been launching successful fitness programs for our clients for more than two decades, and now we're sharing what we've learned over the years with you.  When you download the guide you'll see it's broken in to three focus areas:

  • Fitness Center Footprint: Provides an overview of space and equipment considerations for your fitness center.
  • Fitness Center Staffing: Offers an outline of how to hire a fitness professional and what core services you should be expecting them to deliver.
  • Fitness Center Programs: Describes how to set up your fitness center for success.

This guide gives you a solid starting point so that you can address questions about the size of your planned fitness center, what types of equipment might be best, and how to build a lasting program that will bring in the most people and provide the most impact.  If you're ready to started with your project, grab the guide - it's a crucial tool for the work you have ahead of you.  


Download our guide

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