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Bold Moves is a wellness program that supports the physical, social and emotional needs of residents with Parkinson's. Through specialized fitness certifications for our NIFS staff and an interdisciplinary team approach within your community, Bold Moves provides the following services to empower your residents.

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How NIFS Became Experts in Parkinson's Exercise

Bold Moves was not created overnight. It was developed from years of experience managing fitness centers in senior living, building relationships with residents with Parkinson's, and tapping into the knowledge of our dedicated staff.

  • Programming Expertise—It takes a unique approach to develop a program that residents get excited about. NIFS expertise combined with the evidence-based practices incorporated into Bold Moves gives participants confidence and results.
  • Specialized Certifications—Our degreed fitness staff complete a specialized certification in Exercise & Parkinson's Disease so they have further expertise to support the ranging needs of residents with Parkinson's.

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Increased Engagement is Our Goal

This is just a snapshot of how our Bold Moves programming made an impact in one community over 2 months. Upon implementation of Bold Moves, these residents are moving more, taking advantage of more services and classes, and had positive testimonials to share from that experience.

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