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We don't think reinventing the wheel is time well spent by anyone.  

If you agree, then you might want to take a few seconds to register for our best practice series by filling out the form on the right. Once you register, you'll receive 11 different program or service ideas. Each offering spotlights something our staff have implemented successfully, so you can move forward with confidence knowing that you can put them into practice with your own audience. The best part about all this sharing is that it's completely free. All we need in exchange for giving your our very best is your contact information. 

Looking for a little more info on what you get when you sign up?

Here's a sampling of the types of offerings you'll receive when you register for the series:

  • A proven initiative focused on helping call-center employees move more
  • NIFS approach to managing client liability with onsite fitness programs
  • An alternative approach to personal training that allows more people to get that 1:1 attention they really need

And check out this best practice video that one of our managers put together for his members as a wrap up to his Olympics incentive.