NIFS | Corporate Fitness

Despite what other vendors might say, corporate fitness isn't really all that tricky.  It certainly isn't rocket science.  But you don't want to be charged for each service or program with confusing invoicing, and you have way too much to do to keep steering the management company in the right direction. Here's how we make corporate fitness easy for you:

  • We've been managing client's fitness centers for decades.  There won't be rookie mistakes to clean up.
  • You won't have to decode our monthly invoice because our pricing is uncomplicated.
  • Your employees will love our staff and the comprehensive services we offer.

We're easy to work with and we know how to make your corporate fitness center inviting for your employees.  Download the quick read to find out more.

Download the Quick Read

Your privacy is important to us.  Find out more about how we handle your confidential information here.