NIFS | Online WEllness

Exploring new avenues to enhance your employee wellness program?

Your business and your employees are unique. They need a customized approach whether in the office or working remotely, and you expect results.

NIFS HealthYou program is designed to meet the diverse needs of your workforce. This person-to-person solution offers your employees contact with a health expert who is dedicated to helping them make healthier choices. NIFS HealthYou coaches can be on the ground at your business offering a robust wellness program to your employees and/or can support web-based programming for your remote workforce.

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Our powerful, people-driven program can positively influence the lives and health of your employees.

Health coaching, wellness lectures, behavior-change programs, and nutrition counseling as well as  exercise program design are all available to your employees with this program whether in person or online through our web-based platforms and tools.

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