Join Us for Falls Prevention Week, September 2024!

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86% of attendees reported that this workshop increased their confidence and knowledge in fall prevention! With almost 1,000 resident participants this year we plan to exceed that next year! 


Residents across the country signed our Fall-Free Pledge stating that they felt EMPOWERED to implement the strategies learned during the workshop into their daily lives. 


Participating communities had a chance to win a free Step and Connect System along with NIFS Fall Prevention Program Package with our expert insight to customize a best-in-class fall prevention program for your community’s fitness center, a $4,400 value. 

Congratulations to Carillon Senior Living!

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Residents across 16 states came together to share experiences and fears associated with falling. Those residents left their community workshop feeling EMPOWERED and CONFIDENT in their abilities to get up from the floor!


Engaging fall prevention programs like the Empowerment Workshop are nothing new to NIFS. Balance Redefined is our signature program for comprehensive fall prevention services and a programming cornerstone in the fitness centers of our senior living clients.

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