It's okay to expect more from your community fitness center and programming.

NIFS staffing can provide you with the comprehensive services your residents deserve and the competitive edge your organization needs.  



Here's how we manage your fitness program:

  • Providing the best staff in the business: We provide the amazing staff your community needs to run a customized and creative exercise program.  We're not talking about fitness attendant and our service is not a monthly programming kit; we think there's a better way than buying into a branded model that your overworked staff have to figure out.  What we offer, both in staffing services and fitness program management far exceeds what a kit or an attendant can provide.

  • Offering inclusive and fair pricing that translates to value for you: We won't nickel and dime you and we don't have shareholders to please.  Our pricing is fair, inclusive, and easy to understand. We're focused on providing our clients with true value; find out more about what you can expect NIFS staff to accomplish in their 40 hour week.

  • Anticipating client needs with reliable reporting and strategic planning: It's all in a
    day's work. When you hire NIFS, you can expect our staff to provide you with reporting on
    fitness center use, providing data on program participation, and gathering aggregate numbers
    on how we're helping your residents live well.

  • Delivering creative and inviting programs and services: NIFS staff are focused on providing programs and services that will impact as many employees as possible. 

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