NIFS Senior Fitness Management

We bring comprehensive services and professional staffing to your community and residents

It's okay to expect more from your community fitness center and programming. Your residents deserve the best and developing your programming and services in your fitness center is the competitive edge your community needs.


Providing the Best Staff

We provide the amazing staff your community needs to run a customized and creative exercise program. We're not talking about fitness
attendants, and our service is not a monthly programming kit; we think there's a better way than buying into a branded model that doesn't work for your community.


Delivering the Best Programming

Our programming is diverse beyond just
fitness challenges by providing balance
training, brain fitness & mind/body offerings,
and active adventure outings. With creative programs our staff deliver,
your residents are engaged and excited about
what's next.


wellness.nifs.orghs-fshubfsWLP Middletown picture

Facility Layout
and Design

We have designed dozens of client fitness centers with diverse equipment options that meet the needs of active older adults. Download samples of our fitness center designs here.


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Balance and Fall
Prevention Programs

Let us help you develop your own strategy for comprehensive balance and fall prevention programming; we know a thing or two from our successful Balance Redefined program.



Residents love classes and we create a robust group fitness schedule that spans the ranging needs of your residents. Bring quality group fitness classes to your community.

NIFS fitness management services can also provide you with:

  • Assisted living and health care programs: We provide support on how to collaborate with nursing staff and rehab to bridge quality programs and services to all areas of your campus.
  • Exercise and fitness testing services: Your residents deserve the very best and our staff are uniquely qualified to provide the services residents need. Our staff can provide custom exercise programs and senior fitness testing for your residents.


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