Our staff, your fitness center. It's a match made in heaven.

We’re pretty passionate about people because staffing is OUR business.

Fitness Center Staffing

We have more than 38 full time staff at work in client fitness centers in 16 states. The map below shows our current footprint in red, but don't let where we aren't located scare you. We are adept at setting up business in a new state. In fact, since 2009, we've added almost half of the states below. Talk to some of our clients (look below the map), and they'll tell you we're responsive, easy to work with and exceptionally hard working.

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As a regular member of our fitness center for more than nine years, I know on a daily basis how fortunate we are to have our NIFS staff. They provide a world-class level of service, knowledge, and commitment. Besides everything they bring to their work as professionals, they are also incredibly wonderful people who make a very meaningful difference for us as members."

—Fitness Center Member, Fortune 500 Client

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We are honored to support the fitness programs for these and other clients.  

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