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Knowledgeable Staff Make the Difference

Most corporate fitness programs need a boost; you can't simply build the space and assume employees will flock to it.  Staffing your fitness center with the right people is the difference between success and failure. In fact, we think placing the right staff is so important that we're quite picky about who we hire. Not just anyone with a personal trainer certification can come work for us.  

This Indiana-based Fortune 500 company with several corporate fitness centers puts NIFS staff to work.

NIFS staff and organizational support make your program a success.

Staff really are the key to a successful corporate fitness program. But without solid management practices to back up the staff, you might end up with nothing more than a fitness attendant. Find out how NIFS manages our client's fitness centers.  


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NIFS has provided professional fitness staff to Dow AgroSciences for more than 15 years now. Their focus on customer service and accomodation of virtually every staffing need, no matter how minor or short notice, has been extraordinary. The staff contribution to the well-being of our employees has been significant as evidenced by strong relationships and improvement in overall health status. We have had opportunities to consider other vendors, but I have not felt a need to explore other options when receiving such great service!"

Cindy Stum, Health Services Manager at Dow AgroSciences