We're uncompromising about the quality of our staff

We expect them to blend seamlessly into your community. Your NIFS manager is there to create an enviting and successful senior community fitness center and wellness program for your residents that is run safely and smoothly for your organization. Find out more about how we find our high caliber staff.

We're non-profit and value driven

As a non-for-profit organization, we know what it means to stretch a dollar, so we're focused on providing our clients with as much service as possible in a competitive hourly rate. When you work with us, you can be assured that we'll provide you with clear value and fair pricing. See below to find out more about what's included when you hire us to manage your fitness center and wellness with one full time employee.

 Is outsourcing fitness center management right for your community?


40hrs/week, typically Monday through Friday, business hours

Program Support:

Per diem specialists maintain your program when needed

Added Value:

NIFS staff collaboration ensures creativity & efficiency


Flat hourly rate based on cost of living in your area


Monthly use & program outcome reporting

Liability Protection:

NIFS Quality Practices


Member Services: 

Exercise prescription, fitness assessments, personal training


Fun incentives, healthy lectures, wellness fairs & more

Group Fitness:

5-6hrs of class/week