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Consulting for Senior Living Communities

When we work with senior living clients on wellness consulting, we’re careful to make sure we understand your community and what improvements you want to make. We can work specifically within your fitness program, or we can address a broader whole person wellness strategy that includes your exercise program and traditional activities.

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Facility Layout and Design

We have designed dozens of client fitness centers with diverse equipment options that meet the needs of active older adults. Download samples of our fitness center designs here.


Fitness Center Programs

We help your community foster collaboration for improved programs and services, including organization structure.
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Hiring Credentials

We help communities hire their own qualified fitness professionals.
See how we find and retain great employees.

Balance and Fall Prevention Programming

Let us help you develop your own strategy for comprehensive balance and fall prevention programming; we know a thing or two from our successful Balance Redefined program.

Group Fitness

Residents love classes and we can help you create a robust group fitness schedule that spans the ranging needs and abilities of your residents. Bring quality group fitness classes to your community.

Assisted Living and Health Care Programs

We provide support on how to collaborate with nursing staff and rehab to bridge quality programs and services to all areas of your campus.

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