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    We can help you bring the best programming, fitness center design and staffing to your business.

Consulting for Corporate Services

When we work with corporate clients on consulting, we’re careful to make sure we understand your focus for improvement. We can dial in specifically to your fitness center, or we can address a broader whole person wellness strategy.

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Expertise Makes Our Approach Unique

Operational Expertise can help elevate your facility or program structure:

  • Facility layout and design services— we have designed dozens of client fitness centers to maximize function and flow in the space with diverse equipment options
  • Hiring credentials— we can help clients identify important credentials for hiring their own fitness professional and/or bring our expert staff to your program.

Programming Expertise can help you develop key offerings for a robust and targeted approach to programming:

  • Group fitness— we help you hone in on developing an engaging group fitness program with quality instructors for your employees 
  • Wellness programming— thoughtful programming can make an impact and we can help you develop an employee engagement strategy with effective wellness programming; furthermore, we help bridge programs and services through our models for collaboration with other onsite vendors for a seamless approach


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