Partners in Marketing Your Fitness Center Successes

Help prospective residents envision themselves in your community’s active lifestyle. We bridge the success stories from your fitness program into the hands of your marketing & sales team so they can be effective story tellers in sharing the impact your fitness program has on resident lives.

Quarterly Dashboard ReportScreen Shot 2020-08-11 at 1.38.29 PM

Our staff hear and see the impact made by the programs and services they provide every day. Your quarterly dashboard will include these success stories to utilize when touring prospects, hosting prospect events, and networking on social media.

Each quarter, NIFS will provide a snapshot of program outcomes that includes:

  • Resident engagement data
  • Spotlights on resident successes
  • Resident testimonials
  • Stories of collaboration across departments


Marketing & Media PortalHeart Healthy Choices-2

We create and provide marketing and social media pieces for your community. These resources will be updated monthly to help you maximize the valuable message of the robust health and fitness program available to your members through your partnership with NIFS.

Portal content includes:

  • Links to our health and wellness blogs
  • Social media posts to share
  • Video clips of senior-friendly “move of the month” exercises
  • Staff bios & headshots