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You're expecting employees to actually use the fitness center, right? Then you need the right blend of programs and services offered by world class staff. 

Take a look at the programs and services we offer:

  • Services: Your business needs to be protected from the liability of a corporate fitness center. We've got you covered. And your employees need more than fee-based personal training. So our staff are at the ready to build custom exercise programs and offer comprehensive fitness testing for your employees.

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Your Employees’ Wellness Connection

The remote work model is nothing new but during these recent times more companies are moving to this model out of necessity. While remote working can be beneficial to both employee and employer, it does have its challenges when it comes to engaging employees in wellness offerings.

Connecting your employees with a variety of wellness services and resources is what HealthYou is all about to help keep them healthier and your health care costs lower. Our degreed and qualified staff + our web based tools + our creative program model are the perfect formula to support your employees, wherever they may be located.