Engaging your employees is what we do best.

Fitness classes, individualized services, and engaging health and wellness programs creates appeal for the varying interests of your employees.

Programming and Services For Your Employees

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You want the very best for your employees, and so do we. That's why NIFS programs and services are comprehensive and engaging, to help your business and your workforce get the most out of your corporate fitness center. 

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Corporate Fitness Center Management


How we operate your fitness center is crucial to your employee's health. That's why we bring you our best and brightest so that they can handle the fitness center, and you can get back to your day job.  It really is that simple.  

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Fitness Center Design

NIFS | Corporate Fitness Center Design

Let us help you make the most of your investment in a new corporate fitness center. End your project with a design that is both beautiful and functional. It's the first step to building a successful corporate fitness program. 

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Connecting your employees with a variety of wellness services and resources is what HealthYou is all about.
Help keep them healthier and your health care costs lower.
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Case Study: Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance

They knew it wasn't enough to just offer a corporate fitness center. For Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, fitness staff leadership was essential to drive utilization.  

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