Corporate Fitness and Active Aging

Workplace Fitness Workouts Benefit Sedentary Employees

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CubeFarm resized 600Many people spend a majority of their time at work. This is where we go each day, and while we are there we have plenty to keep us busy. After we leave, we also have work to do—making dinner, cleaning house, and caring for the kids. So how can we possibly squeeze in one more thing? We all know how important exercise is, but many times it falls to the bottom of our “to-do” lists...until now.

Many employers are bringing exercise to the workplace. With new worksite wellness programs for employees, they are encouraging folks to be active even while sitting at their desks! Portable pedal machines, which are similar to a mini stationary bike, can be placed under a desk so that you can exercise even while sitting at the computer.

Employers are also encouraging walking groups, giving instruction on how to exercise at your desk, and offering pedometers to employees so that they can track their progress.

This kind of worksite health promotion program is a way to encourage even the most sedentary individuals to get moving! Time is what we all need more of. If our employers encourage us to exercise while we work, it would be easier for people to begin and stick to an exercise routine. This may even encourage people to continue to exercise outside the workplace.

Even if this is not something your employer suggests, there are many things you can do on your own. A few examples are

  • Go on a walk after lunch.
  • Take the stairs.
  • Exercise in the break room.

With enough participation, you could even negotiate a group rate at your local health club. Some clubs even offer a lunchtime membership!

What have you done at your job to encourage exercise?

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