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NIFS Summer Showdown

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NIFS, pushups, working out, exerciseAs the summer months are moving past, NIFS Summer Showdown continues to be a huge success. Session 1 concluded on July 15 and drew in a great crowd of people of all ages and abilities throughout the 5-week program. One member on my team was 81 years old and improved his time by 6 minutes. Another member on Lori’s team improved his time by an impressive 16 minutes—outstanding! The Sizzler workout was as follows:

Level 1                             Level 2                            Level 3
500m Row                    800m Row                    2,000m Row
¼-Mile Walk/Run           ½-Mile Walk/Run           1-Mile Run
25 Burpees                   50 Burpees                  75 Burpees
25 Squats                    50 Squats                    75 Squats
25 Sit-ups                   50 Sit-ups                    75 Sit-ups
25 Push-ups                 50 Push-ups                 75 Push-ups
25 TRX Rows                50 Pull-ups                  75 Pull-ups

While the Sizzler workout was easy to modify for the older or less fit population, the Scorcher has proven to be a different type of challenge. The Scorcher workout is not about setting your own time, but about how many repetitions can you complete in a set time frame. Exercises were all designed to use various pieces of equipment to challenge the entire body. Kettlebell Swings, Burpee Slams, Bentover Rows, and TRX crunches have proven to be a fun, yet challenging workout.

Round 2 ends August 20.. Let’s see how this next group challenges out.

So, have you tried the Sizzler or Scorcher workout yet? Let us know how you did!


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