Corporate Fitness and Active Aging

Why Your Employees Need Corporate Fitness Expertise Now More Than Ever

GettyImages-1128684318While many have come to appreciate the convenience of working at home, the impact it can create on a sense of routine is far-reaching. When you head into the office for the day, it can be easier to honor that me-time in your schedule to squeeze in a group fitness class or work out in the onsite fitness center. When you are working from home, the distractions of the dishes in the sink, laundry in the dryer, and kids trying to complete homework can compete for those precious spare minutes of downtime you have between meetings and work obligations.

The work-at-home culture of COVID-19 has shown us just how much employees value and miss the onsite fitness centers provided to them by their employers. It’s convenient, easily accessible, and a great way to maintain consistency in an exercise routine with qualified staffing support at their fingertips.

Top 3 Remote Corporate Fitness Requests

Luckily for NIFS’ corporate clients, our staff are staying connected to their members and creatively supporting their health and fitness needs remotely with NIFS HealthYou virtual programming. Here are the top three requests we are hearing from our members right now on what they need to stay active and well while working from home.

  • Fitness center alternatives: Without access to the onsite fitness center, employees are asking our staff for flexible exercise plans to help them maintain their strength and fitness levels utilizing the equipment and resources they have available at home. Routines using dumbbells, resistance bands, and bodyweight movements are a great starting point. More creative options using kettlebells and TRX, and shifting exercise outdoors for walking, running, and cycling routines have also been in demand.
  • Accountability: The onsite fitness center and qualified fitness staffing truly are a guiding light of accountability for employees. It’s a regular visual reminder to show up for themselves and to participate in the healthy culture of their workplace. Without the fitness center, staying consistent can be a challenge for many, and we are hearing just how much employees value the weekly one-on-one appointments they are scheduling with our staff to check in on their routine and progress to stay on track.
  • Motivating programming: Employees have always loved our group fitness programs, and they are tuning in regularly to our live fitness classes offered throughout the day by our amazing staff across the country as well as utilizing our library of recorded fitness classes. In addition, fitness challenges, educational Healthy Lifestyle sessions by NIFS’ Registered Dietitian, and wellness programs are keeping the resources and motivation well within reach for the members we serve.

While employees greatly miss the onsite fitness centers, the fitness specialists from NIFS are helping to fill these needs for the employees of our corporate clients. NIFS’ HealthYou service model has long been supporting wellness programming for employers without onsite fitness centers and for remote workers. Employees have access to our amazing staff and a variety of resources including a HealthYou portal and NIFS exercise programming software to remain connected to the resources they need.

It’s Actually a Good Time to Launch a New Corporate Fitness Program

It may feel like an unusual time to launch a corporate fitness program for your employees, but the need is there. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation call on NIFS HealthYou services to support your employees while they work remotely today and see how our model can adapt as you bring employees back to the office in the months ahead.


This blog was written by Emily Davenport. To learn more about the NIFS bloggers, click here.

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