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Why Women Need Strength Training at the Corporate Fitness Center

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women strength trainingAt lot of women shy away from strength training for fear of bulking up. But strength training is especially important for women to help build strong and healthy bones. Because of our low levels of testosterone, most women can’t bulk up. Strength training will also help to burn more calories and fat while at rest. Here are some more reasons why strength training is important for women:

10 Reasons Women Should Do Strength Training

  1. Lose body fat
  2. Gain strength without bulking up
  3. Decrease your risk of osteoporosis
  4. Improve your athletic performance
  5. Be physically stronger
  6. Reduce your risk of injury, back pain, and arthritis
  7. Reduce your risk of heart disease
  8. Reduce your risk of diabetes
  9. Benefit from starting at any point in your life
  10. Improve your attitude and fight depression

How to Do Strength Training

Running on the treadmill for several minutes each day might not show a lot of results, but adding in some strength training will get results faster. There are several different ways to strength train, and it doesn’t have to involve walking into an intimidating all-male weight room. You can use resistance bands, weight machines, free weights, kettlebells, or your own body weight.

Schedule an appointment with your corporate wellness staff to figure out the best type of strength training for you. And don’t avoid your strength classes at your onsite corporate fitness center!

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