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Healthy Office Snacking Promotes Workplace Wellness

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describe the imageThe time in the lower-right corner of your computer screen reads three o’clock. You’re tired and in need of a pick-me-up. It is too late in the day for a full meal; you are about to head home for dinner in two hours. Your coworker notices you start to drag at your desk and offers some suggestions for a boost in the form of some snacks, a soda, or a cup of coffee.

Weighing Your Snack Options

You now have some options to pick up your energy level, but which is the best one? Which one can you eat or drink without worrying about putting on unwanted pounds while sitting at your desk?

The first option is coffee. The average cup of black coffee does not have any fat, has only 2.5 calories per serving, and provides that quick fix of caffeine for energy. However, the drink does not provide any nutrients and little to no vitamins. 

Could you go for a snack from the vending machine? Unless you choose one of these healthy options, you could be headed for a diet disaster.

Maybe a piece of candy or a leftover doughnut from the morning would provide that sugar rush you crave? These things will provide the quick burst of energy for you; however, once that wears off, you'll be left with a crashing feeling and be back at square one: tired, plus feeling guilty for inhaling a bag of M&Ms.

The Winner: Bring Healthy Snacks from Home

Your healthiest and best option is to opt for fruit and vegetable snacks that you can bring from home. Try packing a small bag of sliced apples or a cut-up banana. Both of these fruits are full of vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. They can give you that burst of energy while eliminating a big crash like snack-type foods cause.

Eating the correct food at the office can help lower your stress on the job, while increasing your productivity. Who knows―eating healthy may even help you get that promotion that you deserve as well.

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