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Free Workout Friday: Strengthen Your Muscles with Yoga

Free Workout FridayAfter a long week you may just need to relax, de-stress and put your mind at ease.  Yoga not only can help you relax with deep breathing, but can help to relax while working your muscles.  One of the many benefits of yoga is increased total body strength. When you hold certain poses for extended periods of time, you are building your muscular endurance while also working on flexibility and breathing.   There are many varieties of yoga and whether you are a novice or have been doing it for years, the following five poses can help you to build strength.  You don't have to stress about this Friday workout, simply do it during your lunch break.

Try these 5 poses for a strength-building yoga session this Friday!  It is important to properly warm up before stretching the muscles with these poses, simply walk for 5 minutes, do some toe taps and step side to side to get the blood pumping!

Hold each pose for five to ten deep breaths.  If you are able, try to inhale and exhale through the nose, lengthening your muscles with each breath.   For more poses and descriptions click here.

1. Warrior I

2. Chair Pose

3. Plank and side plank

4. Boat pose

5. Bridge

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