Corporate Fitness and Active Aging

Corporate Fitness: Free Workout Friday - Training Ropes

free workout fridayYou walk into your weekly boot camp class, see this big rope on the floor and start to panic. You might be thinking what on earth are we going to do with this big rope that almost weighs more than I do? Originally designed for contact sports like football, training ropes are becoming more popular and visible in fitness facilities. Ropes aren’t just for the fit & strong. I think it’s an excellent way to add some variety and increase muscle endurance.

Rope workouts can be done anywhere. You can even go to a hardware store and purchase a large sturdy rope to put around a tree in your back yard, or something strong enough to handle the waves from the rope.

If you concentrate on contracting your abdominals, you can get a “hard core” workout while getting your heart rate up as well. Perform 2-3 sets of 30 second intervals, on for 30 seconds then rest for 30 seconds. Be sure to use your entire body (lower, upper, & core) during all exercises.  Check out our video for demonstrations of the following exercises:

  • Double Arm Slam
  • Alternating Arm Slam
  • Power Slam
  • Oblique Twist (change grip)
  • Arm Circles (both directions)
  • Rope Jacks
  • Plank Slams (using both arms)

You could even use the rope for line jumps to finish off your workout!