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A Guide to Surviving Quarantine for the Active Ager

GettyImages-5791348582020 has become a year to remember and maybe not in a good way, but instead on focusing on our limitations, lets focus on what we can do. Here is your guide to surviving quarantine:

  1. Get outside and get some vitamin D! You may have heard that UV light kills the COVID-19 virus, so in a sense, going outside can be safer than visiting indoor public places. It is also more difficult for the virus to spread with increased ventilation, and what better ventilation is there than being outside? Not that you need another reason to get outside, but some doctors believe that individuals with vitamin D deficiency are more likely to contract and experience more adverse side effects from the virus. While the jury is still out on how big of an impact vitamin D deficiency makes on COVID-19, vitamin D plays a vital role in your immune system as well as supporting bone health, muscle function, your gut microbiome and more.
  2. Find ways to socialize, safely. The last thing you need right now is a reminder to “social distance” but here it is anyway. Virtual gatherings are a safe and easy way to keep in touch with loved ones. “Meeting” online can also help you expand on your relationship with the ones you care about. When I’m virtually “hanging out” with friends, we often play games and I’ve been able to learn new things about my friends, like how competitive some of them are or new likes and dislikes. Virtual gatherings are also a great way for you to connect with grandkids, grandnieces or grandnephews.
  3. Eat right and exercise. If you weren’t doing this before, I really hope you are considering it now. Eating nutritious meals and exercising regularly can help keep your body in tip top shape but can also aid in fighting off any colds or flus. Exercise is also a great way to release any mental stress, which let’s be honest, we are all a little tightly wound right now. Lastly, it will give you something to do! If you are like me and have been somewhat bored sitting at home, try a new online group fitness class, NIFS has plenty to go around. Aim for 150 minutes of exercise weekly.
  4. Catch some ZZZ’s. If there is one thing you can put your new extra time towards, its sleep. Sleeping helps your body recover and keeps your immune system running efficiently. If you are someone who struggles with getting a full eight hours, try flipping off any screens 1 hour before bedtime, avoid meals or snacking 2 hours before bed and caffeine 6 hours before bed. Try to follow a nightly routine, maybe with some meditation or deep breathing exercises. Creating a habit for sleep teaches your body to relax and gets you ready for a restful night.

What are you doing to stay healthy during the pandemic?

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