Corporate Fitness and Active Aging

Counteract the Impact of Long Commutes on Employee Health

Recently I was going through membership forms at our corporate wellness center when I noticed that a high percentage of our clients live out of town. In fact, it’s not surprising to see that many of our members drive an hour or more to get to work each day.

Long Commutes Are Bad for Employee Health

If the thought of a two-hour round-trip commute doesn’t make Traffic Jamyou gag, you are one of the few. Besides the cost of gas and increased wear and tear on your vehicle, long commutes can actually lead to health problems. Extra time on the road can cause higher rates of obesity, increased stress, and decreased productivity.

How Can You Help Employees with Long Commutes?

So other than selling your home and moving closer to work, what’s a good way to combat the negative effects of a long commute? Corporate wellness programs that tackle all aspects of wellness! Corporate employee wellness is a priority for our staff; we regularly monitor our clients' blood pressure, cholesterol, and body composition.

Other ideas for making a commute more bearable and less stressful include

How long is your commute? Share your story in the comments section.

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