Corporate Fitness and Active Aging

No Room to Sit in Worksite Wellness

WELCOA, Wellness Council of America, recently released an interview with Dr. Stephen Blair, one of the most renowned researchers in physical activity. The interview profiled the dangers of sitting too much. Although it touched on population health, the focus was on opportunities specific to employee wellness.

Move More, Sit LessOffice Chair

Throughout the interview, Dr. Blair points to the basic premise that moving more is better for your health. He outlines how today’s workforce sits way too much and then points to some fairly recent worksite wellness research, which shows that simple breaks in sitting (such as standing more often and moving a little bit throughout the day) can lead to positive change in important health markers like blood pressure and waist circumference. It's important to note that these short breaks in sitting didn't qualify for the classic 10-minute walk break; they were very minimal breaks in sitting.

How Company Wellness Programs Can Help

The good news is that this type of frequent break from sitting might be actionable by much of America's workforce. For those who are intimidated by the Surgeon General's recommendation to accumulate 30 minutes of physical activity most days of the week, “sit less” sounds a little more doable. Even better, employers could start to order their employees' days to truly encourage this type of movement.

Making changes in sitting patterns during the day won't take off extra body weight, but it might be the catalyst to a little more movement, and then a little more movement...which leads to that 10-minute walk break.

What are you doing to encourage movement for a healthy workforce?

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