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Fat Freezing: A Quick Weight-Loss Solution?

Fat freezing, a new cosmetic procedure also known by its technical name, cryolipolysis, may be considered the newest alternative to liposuction. The method involves a special device that applies very cold temperatures to pockets of excess fat. The cold temperature causes the targeted fat to die, which is then eliminated by the body over a course of months.

ObeseScale resized 600Is this new procedure the answer to our nation’s ever-increasing weight problem and associated health care costs? Not at all. This procedure is only for small amounts of fat or “problem areas.” Cryolipolysis will do little if anything reduce overall weight, and it certainly won’t decrease health risks associated with excess body fat. In fact, without a proper diet and exercise plan, the fat previously frozen and removed can come back elsewhere.

Although this new procedure sounds like a simpler and safer substitute for liposuction, the healthiest and time-proven way to decrease weight and improve health is a balanced diet and regular exercise. Encourage your employees to commit to a healthy lifestyle by adding an onsite fitness center to your organization’s building. Ensure that the wellness center is staffed with qualified health and wellness professionals who are skilled in exercise program design and nutrition coaching. Promote the idea of improved health with behavior change rather than quick fixes.

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