Corporate Fitness and Active Aging

Reward Employee Health in 2011

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With the new year, many individuals make resolutions that quickly fall by the wayside. Statistics show that 75% of people keep chugging after the first week, and motivation starts decreasing. Start the year off right by rewarding employees for working toward a healthier lifestyle.

Offer Corporate Wellness Incentives

Corporate wellness programming is on the rise, and while company results vary, the return on investment is encouraging. Rewarding employees with the simplest prizes can help keep them on track to maintaining a healthier lifestyle, which in turn reduces health care costs and increases productivity for your company.

Ways to Reward Healthy Employees

Here are some ways to reward employees:describe the image

  • Small tokens: Everyone loves free stuff. Try items such as key chains, mouse pads, and water bottles.
  • Gift cards: Large amounts aren’t necessary. Who wouldn’t like having a $5–$10 gift card to Subway or Starbucks?
  • Point systems: By developing point systems for reaching wellness goals, employees can earn points throughout the year to be put toward larger prize items, or even toward a flexible benefits account.

Rewarding is easy. Everyone likes to know that their hard work is being noticed. Treat your employees for being healthy by encouraging worksite wellness.

In what ways are you recognizing employee efforts to become healthy?

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