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Busy Mom Loses Weight After NIFS Nutrition Consultation

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It's been 10 weeks since I embarked on my quest to shed 25 pounds with the help of NIFS Wellness Coordinator and registered dietitian Angie Scheetz. So, how's it going? Remarkably well!

The first few days and weeks were a little describe the imagedifficult because I was giving up so much comfort food without seeing any results yet. At our nutrition coaching session, Angie armed me with important tools, such as great suggestions for healthy foods that made me feel full and a place (My Daily Plate) to hold myself accountable for my choices. I did not stray from my calorie goals once, and before long I started to see results.

At first, the weight seemed to be just melting away. Within the first six weeks, I lost 10 pounds. I thought that if things kept going that way, this was going to be a cinch. Well, of course, they didn't.

I hit a weight-loss plateau about a month ago. Even though I was keeping to my calorie goals and trying to be more active, I was stuck. This was the point at which I was most tempted to give up. But because healthy eating has become a habit, I didn't. And this weekend I see signs that I might be moving past the plateau.

The best news of all is that I think I have made a real, permanent lifestyle change. I know how to eat better now and I rarely feel tempted to eat something I shouldn't. Here are some of the keys for me:

  • Not allowing myself to feel hungry: Eating high-protein snacks at regular intervals keeps me from wanting to binge on something really fatty.
  • Thinking ahead: When I go to the grocery, I load up on fresh fruits and vegetables. Then I go home and cut them up into healthy portions and have them ready to go throughout the week. I always have plenty of Greek yogurt in the fridge, plus low-cal cheeses and meats.
  • Finding "treats" that aren't too bad for me: I get my chocolate fix from 1 teaspoon of Hershey's syrup in a mug of skim milk in the morning, and a low-cal fudge bar after dinner. I don't feel deprived at all.
  • Balancing out the calorie-laden foods with better choices: I have learned that I can still have a Jimmy John's sub if I hold the mayo, eat just half a sandwich, and bring along an apple to eat instead of chips. Plus, I substitute water for the Sprite. Not only am I saving calories this way, but I'm also saving money.

Now that spring is here, I hope to be able to be much more active. Coupled with my continued smart eating, I should be at my goal before the pools open!

Disclosure: NIFS discloses that it does remit monies to Lori H. for other nonrelated services. However, this venture with the nutritionist is being conducted at the will and request of Lori H., and Lori H. is not being compensated for the authorship of this blog.

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