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Overcoming Corporate Fitness Obstacles

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Fitness opstacles, employee wellness, corporate fitness center managementWe’ve all experienced fitness obstacles, health professionals included. It may be working through an injury or trying to set a new personal record, but for many corporate fitness clients, it may be as simple as finding the courage to step foot in a gym for the first time in years.

You need easy techniques to encourage your corporate wellness members to keep pushing for their goals and realize they have the power to control a big chunk of their health and well-being. Here are some of the most important things you can do as the motivating “team captain” of your corporate fitness center:

Always Use Encouraging Words

From the initial new-member orientation, come across as friendly and welcoming. Beyond that, stress to them that you are there to help, answer questions, and understand their individual situations. During group fitness classes or personal training sessions, be sure to use motivating words or phrases at the point of exercise when things get uncomfortable or tiring and the member wants to give up.

For some individuals, encouraging words are better received in written form—for example, a small note sent to congratulate them on a recent achievement or a touch-base e-mail to let them know you are still cheering them on. This way the message really sinks in each time the member sees the note or e-mail.

Help Set Realistic Fitness Goals

When you do a consultation with a member, ensure that his or her goals are realistic within a time frame. For example, for someone with a lofty goal of losing 50 pounds, split it into smaller chunks of 5 to 10 pounds each so that the uphill climb of weight loss doesn’t seem insurmountable.

Remember That Small Adjustments Can Add Up

Remind corporate fitness members that every step counts. Sometimes, as health professionals, we fall into the trap of trying to force too many life changes on a member too soon because we know the importance of all the elements. However, encourage members to initiate one new change a week and follow up to see how the adjustment impacted their well-being, getting them closer to their ultimate goal.

What motivational techniques or tips have been successful at your corporate fitness center?

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