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NIFS Wellness Manager Does Philanthropic Work

Our onsite fitness center managers and staff not only ensure the safety and well-being of your employees; they go beyond what is asked simply out of the kindness of their hearts. 

Our Roanoke wellness manager has repeatedly organized and collected items for local organizations in her community. From candy and magazines to shoes, she collects and gives with the help of her wellness center members.

Shoes for the Homeless

Initially at a health fair in May 2010, she was able to offer a gym bag or socks to every associate who donated a pair of slightly used athletic shoes and turned them in at her booth. She continued to collect for the following two days, resulting in a collection of 75 pairs of shoes. All of the shoes were donated to the Rescue Mission. Since then she continues to collect shoes at her onsite fitness center and regularly donate them. Since beginning her collection, her team has been able to donate approximately 400 pairs of shoes to the homeless in the Roanoke Valley!

philanthropic work, employee wellness, community serviceMagazines for Retirement Homes

Another great idea is to recycle rather than throw away old magazines. Every month this wellness manager cleans out her magazines as the new issues come out. With the help of one of her dedicated wellness center members, she has been able to donate them to a local retirement home for their use. Thus far they have donated 100 magazines!

Candy for the Troops

Operation Gratitude, the nonprofit organization that sends care packages and letters to U.S. troops overseas benefited from the 34 pounds of candy she collected from her wellness center members last fall. Not only did she save her members from eating all those calories, I am sure they brightened the faces of those troops serving our country. Our manager was able to pair up with a local participating dentist who covered the cost of mailing all of that candy!

Wellness Manager Encourages Others to Promote Social Wellness

Each week this big-hearted manager sends out e-mail communications to her members promoting volunteer opportunities for charities, races, and more. What a great way to promote social wellness. Keep up the great work!

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