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Employee Health: How Does Your Spouse Impact Your Health?

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spouse support, exercise, employee wellness,corporate fitness center managementI work at a corporate fitness center where spouses are eligible to use the facility. Although I do work with several couples/spouses/partners, I would like to see more getting fit together at the fitness center. There is no cost, and no restricted hours, so that takes away some of the excuses. Spouses need to motivate each other and make changes toward a healthier lifestyle.

The Health Benefits (and Detriments) of Being Married

Some studies have shown that married individuals are healthier than singles. Married couples usually have more money, which improves health status. Studies also say most spouses depend on each other more (wages, childcare, etc.), so they take better care of each other. (That’s not to say single people don’t care about someone they’re dating; they just don’t depend on them as much as married couples do on their spouses.)

Females can usually promote males to seek medical advice, which is why married males tend to be healthier than single males.

One bad thing about being married and living together is the risk of passing illnesses and viruses back and forth. This can cause both to have to see a physician.

What if Your Spouse Isn't Living a Healthy Lifestyle?

Because I manage an onsite corporate fitness center, I work out on a regular basis and try to eat healthy. It can be challenging when you have someone in your life who doesn’t live the same lifestyle. If you are the more active one in a relationship, keep up the motivation and try little steps at a time to influence your loved ones. Stay focused to change for the better and take your spouse on the journey, too!

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