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Hula Hoop for Weight Loss

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corporate fitness center management, hula hoop, weight lossThere is truly something for everyone in the world of fitness. Case in point, hula hooping is starting to make its mark in group fitness settings. A study found this activity to use the same amount of energy as walking at a speed of 4 to 4.5 miles per hour—which is a pretty quick pace!

Hula hooping for fitness is not as brand new as you might think. When I attended the 2007 National Wellness Conference in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, one session featured hula hoops, where participants were encouraged to try them out and see that they aren’t just for those under the age of 10.

While many of your corporate wellness members may not gain the same fitness benefits from hula hooping as with a higher-impact activity like running or cardio intervals, this can be a good activity to draw in seniors, children, or even those who dread the idea of traditional exercise machines.

Here are a few ideas of how to use hula hoops in your corporate fitness center:

  • During a group fitness class, set up an obstacle course (outdoors is better, if facilities are available). Many of the stations can be standard workouts, but make one a hula hoop station where participants must keep the hoop up for 10 spins before moving on to the next one!
  • Host a family fun night where corporate fitness center members can bring their spouses and children for a night of recreational activities, including hula hoop, jump rope, football toss, etc.
  • Hold a hula hoop contest to see who can hoop the longest. Sometimes all it takes is friendly competition to encourage people to try new activities!
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