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Office Exercise: Good for Employee Health and Good for the Company

This blog was written by Anna Hiple. Meet our blogging fitness specialists at the NIFS website.

take the stairs resized 600With more and more studies indicating just how dangerous to health sitting at a desk can be, incorporating small bouts of physical activity throughout the workday is as important as ever.

For the employee, taking breaks stimulates both the mind and body, combats stress, and helps ward off the monotony that can permeate a workday. In turn, the company is rewarded with healthy workers who earn and save them money through increased productivity and reduced health care costs!

Take a look at some of the following suggestions for quick ways to add exercise in the office:


  • Walk at any opportunity. Take the stairs, visit a coworker, or go for a walk on a lunch break.
  • Instead of a desk chair, try a stability ball! Your core and posture will thank you.
  • Perform short bouts of stationary movement (jumping jacks, marches, jump-rope simulation, lunges, etc.).


  • Stand at any opportunity. Pace while on a phone call. If your company provides workstations that allow employees to stand or even walk on a treadmill while working, take advantage!
  • Think about how you can turn your office into your own mini-gym. Perform chair squats and desk presses (similar to a push-up, with hands on the edge of the desk), chair triceps dips, and shoulder and arm exercises (shoulder presses, bicep curls) with anything heavy.  


  • Without even having to move from the chair, stretch and take some deep breaths to relieve tension. Focus on all major muscle groups.
  • Contract, hold, and relax different muscle groups, such as the abdominals and glutes.

Which of these exercises would mesh best with your schedule?  

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