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Using Fitness Centers to Train for Yard Work

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yard work, exercise, fitnessMany people who are inactive find the task of yard work exhausting and draining. The simple act of pulling weeds can leave them feeling achy and sore the next day. Yard work doesn’t have to be backbreaking. When your muscles are ready for all of the pushing and pulling required by your lawn, the time spent outside can be a nice distraction from busy life.

There are several fun tools around your corporate fitness center that can help you prepare for your final few months of yard work this fall. Try this mini circuit and share with us the tips and tools you use to stay fit for yard work.

Upright Sled: 50-meter sled push at a moderate weight and pace

  • Place hands a mid-height position on the sled.
  • Keep your spine neutral and drive with your legs as you push the sled.

Tire and Sledgehammer: 15 sledgehammer hits on the tire

  • Face the tire with an appropriate weight of sledgehammer.
  • Place one hand toward the head of the sledgehammer and the other hand near the bottom of the handle.
  • In a controlled manner, swing the sledgehammer over the shoulder of the hand that is near the head.
  • As it comes over your shoulder toward the tire, bend your legs and let your top hand slide down to meet your bottom hand.
  • Grab near the head of the sledgehammer and repeat.

Monster Rope: 30-foot plank pulls

  • Wrap a monster rope around a stable post with one end of the rope near the post and other laid out away from the post.
  • Near the post, align yourself in a plank position.
  • Keeping your hips level, reach out with one arm and pull the short end of the rope.
  • Do this until the other end reaches the post.
  • Rest for 30 seconds and switch arms.

Boxes: 15 squats with dumbbell placement

  • Holding onto the head of a dumbbell, position your arms straight out in front of you at shoulder height.
  • Staying on your heels, squat down and place the dumbbell on the top of a box that is approximately knee high.
  • Stand up, focusing on keeping your core engaged and upper body upright.
  • Squat back down, grab the dumbbell, and stand up in the same manner.
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