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The Importance of Breakfast for Employee Health

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breakfast, healthy startIt’s okay to eat breakfast food for dinner, but is it okay to eat non-breakfast foods in the morning? I don’t think it matters what you eat, as long as you eat something healthy to get the body and brain ready to start your day. Breakfast is the most skipped meal of the day, but the most important!

Skipping Breakfast Makes You Gain Weight

Eating breakfast helps to control weight gain. Some people skip breakfast thinking it’s going to help them lose weight, but it could cause you to overeat later in the day. It is very important to at least eat some low-fat yogurt and fruit in the morning to get your metabolism started. Breakfast will also help you to concentrate better at work and help with memory.

Make Time for Breakfast

Another reason people skip breakfast is that they don’t have enough time in the morning. It’s better to get out of bed and have five extra minutes to eat breakfast than hitting the snooze button. Make something quick (for example, a piece of wheat toast with peanut butter) you can eat on the way out the door. Or, pack a few things for breakfast the night before to have it ready to go in the morning.

Try to avoid eating such a large dinner that you’re not hungry in the morning. Eating an earlier dinner and avoiding late-night snacks will help to increase your appetite in the mornings, and help to prevent weight gain. We all know preventing weight gain also protects you from heart disease and other health issues. So try it tomorrow morning: Eat a healthy breakfast to start your day!

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