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Corporate Fitness: Is P90X for You? (Part 1 of 2)

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How many times have you seen the infomercial for P90X while sipping coffee, sitting on yourdumbbells resized 600 couch on a Saturday morning? Maybe too many times to count and like any product you’ve seen advertised on TV you may have asked yourself, “I wonder if it really does work?”  

The featured “real-life” success stories are pretty amazing and motivating for anyone hoping to improve their appearance, strength, and health. But if you’re like me, you may be pretty skeptical of anything available for purchase from TV in just “three easy installments of $39.99” (not including shipping and handling). Before I shell out $120 bucks, I want to know what I’m committing to and if I’ll really be satisfied with the product.

Well, here’s a review that might help you determine whether this 90-day at-work workout program is for you. In this post I review the pros. In the next post, I'll review the cons.

  • The program can be done entirely at home in your living room.
  • The DVD set includes workouts for the muscles of the whole body as well as cardio, stretching, and yoga workouts.
  • The DVD set also comes with a schedule detailing which days to do each DVD, a nutrition plan, and a fitness guide that explains the exercises and steps for progression.
  • You get online access to the P90X online support club. This online resource provides tips and advice on your 90-day fitness journey.

Check back to read about the cons of the P90X program.

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