Corporate Fitness and Active Aging

NIFS Fitness Management Kicks Off Active Aging Week

Active Aging Week LogoNIFS managers are gearing up for an exciting week of wellness-based programming at our CCRC client sites across the country. NIFS has coordinated a week’s worth of programs for Active Aging Week and the participating communities will also take part in our Around the World in Five Days competition. Through resident participation, communities will advance to various destination points around the world with the goal of being the first community to visit each location.

Active Aging Week is kicking off at each location today with an opening ceremony event where we will educate residents on each day’s program while promoting the community competition. Our Active Aging Week programs and events were designed with the following considerations:

1. Seven Dimensions of Wellness: the programs throughout the week encompass elements of the seven dimensions of wellness to broaden the resident experience beyond physical wellness.
2. Resident Volunteers: we have incorporated resident volunteers into the planning to better allow residents to champion and promote the programs.
3. Resident Interests & Abilities: the variety in the programs not only spans varying resident interests but also provides opportunities for residents of all ability levels to participate.
4. Budgetary Support: the programs were designed so communities with minimal financial support for Active Aging Week to still fully participate. 
5. Community Nuance: flexibility was built into the development process to allow the individual community’s flavor and flair to enhance the core program offerings.

NIFS fitness managers have been working diligently since early July to prepare for this exciting week of events and we are ready to kick things off! The residents are excited for the new programming opportunities as well as gearing up for the NIFS competition. The expectations are high at each community and we suspect things will really heat up as the week progresses! Follow us on Facebook for updates all week on the status of the competition!