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Corporate Wellness: Free Workout Friday - 10 Minute Abs

free workout fridayDid you know that you can exercise your abs every single day of the week? Normally with strength training, you should wait 48 hours before lifting with those same muscles again—however, since the abdominal muscles are made for endurance by performing jobs like supporting posture and breathing, they can be worked all 7 days of the week! If you are particularly sore after an ab workout, still use your best judgment, and delay working them until the soreness is gone.

Even though it only takes a few minutes to squeeze in a great ab workout, it’s easy to skip that portion of your workout when you are already tired. Below is a 10-minute workout to really target the ab muscles for toning and strength in your corporate fitness center. If you are at a beginner level, shorten the workout by performing 30 seconds of each exercise, for 5 minutes total.

 Perform 1 minute of each exercise:

  1. Warm-up crunches
  2. Reverse crunches
  3. Leg raises
  4. Elbow to knee crunch
  5. Side plank (30 seconds each side)
  6. Bicycle crunch
  7. Russian twist (feet off ground, if able)
  8. Plank w/ alternating knee in to chest
  9. Toe touch crunch
  10. V-sit
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