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Staying Active and Healthy on Vacation

Summer is a time for vacation getaways and family adventures.  Don’t let your plans get in the way of your health and fitness goals. Here are some suggestions for staying active and healthy on vacation this summer whether you are out of town or having a “staycation.”

  • ThinkstockPhotos-627280116.jpgWalk the airport instead of sitting and waiting for your flight. Get your vacation started off on the right foot and finish on a good note. There are endless opportunities to get in your daily dose of steps at the airport. Just be sure to keep correct posture as you move, especially if you are carrying or dragging a bag.
  • Do an entire workout from your hotel room. No need for a gym; you can do body-weight exercises, such as lunges, squats, push-ups, triceps dips, wall sits, planks, etc. The list goes on. Just be creative. Pack a resistance band in your suitcase for even more exercise options.
  • Take a bike tour. Sightseeing by bike can be a fun and exciting way to see the world around you. Some places require a reservation, so be sure to do your research to find a tour of the area in which you are staying. If you can’t find a tour, search for a local bike rental; then you can decide exactly where you want to go and what to see on your own schedule.
  • Try new things. Whether it’s a faraway destination vacation or a “staycation,” try things you’ve never tried before. Some examples include hiking a new trail, paddle boarding, kayaking, and golf. Another idea is to just take your workout outdoors and enjoy the beautiful summer weather. Try yoga on the beach or Pilates in the park.
  • Pack snacks and water. Don’t let bad nutrition habits ruin your healthy vacation; pack your own snacks. If you are driving, be sure to have plenty of healthy options so you’re not tempted to pull over at the closest drive-thru. If you are renting a condo, you can even do your own grocery shopping and cook your own meals. When you do eat out, try to plan where and when you are going, and what you will eat. It is vacation, however, so plan to splurge a little. Everything in moderation.
  • Plan ahead for an active vacation. Be sure to pack appropriate clothing, make any reservations for activities beforehand, and do some research to find out more about the area you will be visiting.
  • Make the most of your vacation time. Stay off your cell phone, close the computer, and turn off the TV. Spend your time doing activities that you enjoy. Spend time outdoors. Spend time with friends and family (or get some well-deserved alone time!). Be sure to get the most “bang for your buck” out of your vacation time.

Vacations don’t have to derail or throw off your healthy lifestyle. You just need a little planning and an adventurous spirit! What are your healthy vacation plans?

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