Corporate Fitness and Active Aging

7 Ways to Loosen Up After Sitting

Move More: Take a Break from Sitting

Tips for Combating Eating Out of Boredom

Lives Enriched through NIFS Legacy Program

Exercise Tips for Seniors: Staying Active While Staying Safe

Working from Home: Ergonomics for Keeping Your Back Healthy

A Fitness Pros Recs for Free Streaming Workouts

Active Aging: Taking an In-Depth Look at Community Programs

Top 5 Balance Training Tools for Seniors

Garnering Marketing Gold from Your Community Fitness Program

Marching into Better Balance: NIFS Annual Balance Challenge

Five Ways to Incorporate Stability Training into Your Client’s Program

Create Your Own Legacy: A Keepsake for Senior Living Families

You Say You Want a Resolution: Change Your World in 2020

Fitness through the Holidays

Kicking off 2020 with the 5 Star Fit Club

Sticking with your Routine through the Holidays

Transportation on Foot and the Benefits of Walking

Show Me the Money: Generating Revenue from Your Fitness Program

Senior Living Lifestyle: Create Your Wellness Team

Senior Living Lifestyle: Identify Your Wellness Champion

Senior Living Lifestyle: Don’t Let Wellness Definition Limit Potential

Help for Foot Pain Could Be as Simple as Your Laces

Transcending Generations with Wellness in One Word

Fitness Staff Collaboration: NIFS Helps with Professional Development

Partnering with NIFS—Not Your Average Fitness Contractors

Creating Purpose for Residents in Senior Living

5 Design Considerations for a Senior Living Fitness Center

Build Relationships to Grow Your Wellness Program

Future Fitness: What’s Hot and Where Are Our Workouts Headed?

NIFS Wii Bowling Tourney Brings Out Competition All Over the U.S.

Liven Up Your Senior Living Community Fitness Center

How Caffeine Affects Your Workout

Fabulous Farmers’ Markets: Nutrition and Healthy Summer Fun

Help Clients Overcome 3 Common Misconceptions About Exercise and Aging

How to Move More at Work and During the Day

Why Spending Time Outdoors Is Good for Physical and Mental Wellness

Exercising on a Road Trip: Make Time and Space for a Workout

Four Fitness Benefits of Yoga

Smart Snacking Makes for Healthy Eating

Friendship Village Resident Praises the NIFS Fitness Program

How Do NIFS Business Partners and Contacts Benefit Our Clients?

Walking Group Safety for Retirement Communities: Have Fun and Be Safe!

Nutrition and Exercise Are the Keys to Healthy Aging

Motivating Your Family to Be Healthier with Nutrition and Exercise

Healthy Gut for Life: Healthy Habits for Whole-body Health

Applying a Balance Lesson from Motorcycle Riding to Active Aging

Bring Positivity and Focus to Your Workouts

Does Your Carpet Keep Tripping You? Work on Ankle Mobility!

Addressing the Myth of Calorie-Counting for Weight Loss?

NIFS Consulting: Helping Your Fitness Program Go from Good to GREAT!

5 Ways to Include Pets at Your Senior Living Community

Dance Your Way to Healthy Aging

NIFS Personal Training in Active Aging Communities

Water Volleyball Tournament Is the Definition of Active Aging Week 2018

Keep Motivated to Workout During Those Cold Winter Months

Manage diabetes this holiday season with exercise and nutrition

Is an electric wheelchair really "taking the easy way out?"

Living Your Best Life While Living with COPD

Change Your Fitness Backdrop to Beat Boredom

Knowing what makes your residents tick could improve programs

Boost Your Workout with Motivating Music

How One Resident Walked 100 Miles in One Month

Whole Grains as Part of a Balanced Diet

Senior Living: Putting the Fun Back in Your Fitness Program

Setting the Groundwork for Successfully Completing a Challenging Fitness Event

What is Primal Living?

New Ideas for Your Corporate Health Fair

Senior Living: How to create a win when your programs and events flounder

Staying Active While Traveling

Senior Fitness: Don't be afraid to go back to the basics

Corporate Wellness: You Can Do Anything But You Can't Do Everything

Why promoting wellness is the right marketing choice for senior living

Corporate Fitness: Why we stopped offering weight loss challenges

Senior Fitness: Common Myths about Fitness as You Age

How Our Staff Celebrate Independence Day

Senior Living: When You Exercise Your Hearing, You Exercise Your Brain

Easy postpartum exercises for getting back on the wagon after baby arrives

How one senior living community made major improvements in their fitness program

The Balancing Act of Caregiving and Taking Care of Yourself

Active Aging and the Benefits of Learning New Skills

Healthy Living with Essential Oils

Healthy Habits Start Early: Exercises for Kids

4 Things I've Learned from the Silent Generation

Here's What to Watch When the Farmers' Markets Come to Town

5 Reasons Spring is the Season to Walk

Half Marathon Training and Nutrition Tips from a Beginner

Is Exercise Getting Left Behind in the Evolution of Corporate Wellness?

What's Missing From Your Resident Fitness Program and How To Fix It

Five Reasons to Set a Fitness Goal for Racing

Corporate Wellness or Employee Well-being? Or Does it Matter?

Why I've worked for NIFS for 16 years and counting

3 Techniques to Relieving Stress that Don't Involve Going Overboard 

Tracking Your Fitness Progress - Is it Important?

Does Your Senior Living Community Wellness Program Foster Ageism?

How I manage my stress with a 5:00am workout

Tips for a Healthier Work Environment, Part III - Workplace Relaxation

4 Ways to Find a Healthy Relationship with Exercise

Tips for a Healthier Work Environment, Part II - Everyday is Moving Day

Put Some "Spring" In Your Step

Tips for a Healthier Work Environment, Part I - Food Check

Employees Experience Added Value of Corporate Fitness Centers

Should I Invest in a Fitness Tracker?

4 Myths That Are Limiting The Success of Your Corporate Fitness Center 

How a Robust Fall Prevention Program Can Improve Residents Lives

What Happens When We Make Purposeful Living the Heart of Life Enrichment Programming

Preparing for Your First Obstacle Race

Making Time to Exercise

Using Wellness to Decrease Employee Turnover in Senior Living

3 Ways to Use Surveys to Improve Your Corporate Fitness Program

A Warning About Wellness Data in Senior Living & How We Can Do Better

Healthy Party Food for Football Fans

Why Outsourcing Senior Fitness Management May Be a Good Investment

When It's Time to Expect More from Your Corporate Fitness Program

Fitness Tips to Jump Start Your New Year's Resolutions

Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Starting an Exercise Plan

Should We Still Use BMI and Body Composition in Corporate Fitness?

Debunking the Myths About Personal Trainers

Health and Wellness: Healthy Doesn’t Mean Perfect

How to Build an at-Home Gym: What Is Essential Equipment?

Running in retirement

Get Kids Interested in Staying Active: Sports and Activities

What happened when I stepped (way) out of my comfort zone for #GivingTuesday

Brain Training in Your Senior Living Community

Smart Weight Loss: How to Steer Clear of Fad Diets

How to Give Resident Wellness Programs a Fresh Look

How to make the most out of your community fitness center

3 things I learned at the 2017 LeadingAge Annual Meeting and Expo

Planning for success in corporate wellness

Improve your senior living fitness program by outsourcing the staff

Balance Redefined: Fall prevention moves beyond the group fitness calendar

Balance Redefined: Residents benefit from dedicated balance classes

Balance Redefined: Creating experiences to engage residents in living well

Focusing on Flexibility in Fitness: Stretching’s Role in Workouts

Three Important Facts to Help You Start a New Exercise Habit

The Confusing World of Nutrition Bars

Don’t Wait Until You “Feel Motivated” To Make Healthy Changes: Part 3

Don’t Wait Until You “Feel Motivated” to Make Healthy Changes: Part 2

Don’t Wait Until You “Feel Motivated” to Make Healthy Changes: Part 1

Short Group Fitness Breaks Overcome Commitment Issues

Best Snacks for Healthy Eating

Thinking of Going Vegetarian? Plant-Based Nutrition Basics

Why should you shop at your farmer's market?

Modifying Senior Fitness Programs for Assisted Living

How to Revitalize your Fitness this Summer

Staying Active and Healthy on Vacation

Why Wearable Fitness Trackers Aren't Your Wellness Program

Start Your Day Off Right with a High-Nutrition Breakfast

Meditation for Beginner's

3 Video Game Systems for Senior Living Communities

My Favorite Workout: Trying New Exercises or Activities

Nutrition Tips for Brain Health

Benefits of Collaborative Programming with Senior Living Communities

What Happened When I Stopped Doing Cardio; Increased Strength Training

Corporate Fitness: Why Do Your Feet Go Numb During Workouts

What Is the Key for Weight Loss: Diet, Exercise, or Both?

Weight-shifting exercises are key to fall prevention for residents

Battling Wintertime Blues with Nutrition

Improve Your Senior Living Exercise Program: Focus on Chronic Disease

Why You Might Be Wrong About Outsourcing Fitness Center Management

Positive Thinking and How Attitude Affects Your Wellness Goals

Why Employee Purpose Could Be the Heart of Corporate Wellness

Tips for Starting an Exercise Program at an Older Age

Three Tips for Improving Your Corporate Fitness Program

Additional Resources for Enhancing Your Fitness Program

How to change bad habits

Creating Strong Exercise Programs in Assisted Living and Memory Care

3 Questions to Ask About Fitness in Assisted Living and Memory Care

Top 10 Fitness Trends for 2017

Get Rid of Winter Blues with Attitude, Fitness, and More

How to buy the right exercise equipment for your residents

Avoid an Empty Corporate Fitness Center with These Ideas

Weight Loss: Take It Off, Keep It Off!

Fitness Center Staffing, Hiring the Best

3 Must-Have Services in Your Senior Living Community Fitness Center

Surviving Grocery Shopping with Kids (and Instill Healthy Habits)

5 Health and Fitness Tips for Keeping Holiday Depression at Bay

SMART and Healthy Eating During the Holidays

Portion Distortion: Healthy Eating Means Eating Less

NIFS Nutrition: Common Weight-loss Questions

How can you age successfully?

LeadingAge Expo: Creating Successful Senior Living Exercise Programs

5 Ways to Avoid Injuries When Running

Senior Fitness: What is the point of exercising?

Spice Up Group Fitness Routines for Seniors, Keep Residents Interested

Healthy Eating on a Budget

Why Corporate Fitness Needs to Evolve (Like Corporate Wellness)

Nutrition and Weight Loss: Why Is It So Hard to Stick to a Diet?

Navigating the Dining Options at Your Senior Living Community

Senior Living: Four Tips for Improving Your Resident Exercise Program

Nutrition: How to Incorporate Clean Eating into Your Diet

NIFS Personal Fitness Quest Program Participant: Cheryl Kussow

NIFS Health Coach Gets “Shamed” over Her Nutrition Choices

Hydration Is Key for Health and Wellness

What Exercises Should I Do?: Guidelines for Senior Fitness (Part 4)

Residents Expect More from Senior Living Community Exercise Programs

Tips for an Effective Exercise Program

Compression Stockings: Not Just for Swollen Ankles and Seniors

Practical Senior Fitness and Functional Movement for Every Body

What Exercises Should I Do?: Guidelines for Senior Fitness (Part 3)

A Simple Way to Boost Participation in Your Corporate Fitness Center

Get Rid of Excuses and Find Time and Motivation to Exercise

What Exercises Should I Do?: Guidelines for Senior Fitness (Part 2)

Corporate Fitness: Should You Pay Employees for Workouts?

5 Plyos for Cinco de Mayo

Weight Training for Women

Are You Talking Senior Wellness TO Residents, or WITH Them? (Part 2)

Are You Talking Senior Wellness TO Residents, or WITH Them? (Part 1)

Reasons Why Your Resident Wellness Program Shouldn’t Be Clinical

Pickleball for Senior Fitness at CCRCs

What Exercises Should I Do?: Guidelines for Fitness

Change Your Commuting Habits for Improved Employee Health

Senior Living Community Has a Blast Raising Money for Alzheimer’s

Three Ways to Improve Corporate Fitness Programming on a Small Budget

Prevent Falls in Your Community with a Strong Balance Training Program

A Simple Nutrition Checklist to Keep You Healthy and On the Move

When It Pays to Be a Chicken in Workplace Wellness

Why Hiring the Right Trainer for Your Senior Fitness Program Is Vital

Balance and Fall Prevention: How to Fall and Get Back Up Safely

Cognitive Decline: Senior Wellness Program Considerations

3 Tips for Improving Posture for Employee Health

Weight Loss Secrets: You’re Dieting Wrong

Resolve to Do Corporate Wellness Better in 2016

Show your Support for Employee Health

Unexpected Results with Corporate Fitness Incentive Programs

Active Aging: Using the Fitness Freeze to keep visit numbers up

Employee Wellness Programming Beyond the Corporate Fitness Center

Programs: The Way to their Heart is through their Stomach:  If you Feed them they will Come!

How to create more effective wellness program

Why Group Fitness Belongs in Your Corporate Wellness Program

Senior Living Providers: It’s time for more than group fitness

A Simple Walking Test to Predict Longevity in Seniors

The Senior Fitness Center – Physical Therapy Relationship

Workouts for People Who Don't Like the Senior Fitness Center

Make Time for Micro Breaks from Sitting in the Office

Active Aging Week: Planning for a Successful Week of Programs

What if: There was more than one class of elite performers at work?

It's National Dog Day, Show Your Pet Some Healthy Love!

Successful Corporate Fitness Program Gets Back to the Basics

Senior Living Activities: Changing the Name or Changing the Notion

The Power of Massage Therapy in Senior Wellness

Power in Silence: Discover Mindful Meditation

Does This Count as Exercise? A Senior Fitness Challenge

What If: There Were More than One Class of Elite Performers at Work?

The Importance of Being Your Own Health Care Advocate

What Does Wellness Really Mean for Senior Living Communities?

Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis: The Scary Truth of Being Uninformed

Active Aging: Ten Ways for Seniors to be Active in the Country

Active Aging: Ten Ways for Seniors to Stay Active in the City

NIFS Nutrition: 10 Healthy Snacks for Road Warriors

Senior Wellness: Elder Falls Linked to Obesity

Why Corporate Fitness Center Design Matters

Free Group Fitness Classes Help One Participant Take On Cancer

NIFS Nutrition: 8 Tips to Eat Smarter

Tips to help residents exercise safely in your community fitness center

Tips for Starting Balance Training in Senior Fitness

NIFS: 9 Tips for Overcoming Shin Splints

What If: Health Care Collaborated with Exercise Specialists?

What to Do When Traditional Senior Living Activities Fall Short

Active Aging: What are the benefits of getting a massage?

Employee Health: Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day?

Senior Living: Keep Moving and Keep Improving with Senior Health and Fitness Day

3 Ways to Do Wellness Better with Better Resident Onboarding Processes

What If: Health care providers worked together with exercise specialists to prescribe exercise?

Senior Living: Fitness Center Design for Current and Future Residents

Employee Health: Five Tips for Sun Safety

Active Aging: Make no bones about it

Free Workout Friday: Boost Your Heart Rate With A Cardio Circuit

Active Aging: “We All Need to Be Needed”,Emotional Wellness and Dementia

Free Workout Friday: Circuit Training for a Full Body Workout

NIFS Member Speaks: Tami Feaster turns her resolution into a lifestyle

What if: Occupancy and budget were not obstacles & you could focus on improving resident lifestyles?

NIFS Nutrition News: Malnourished and Loving It, Or Are We?

How to Evaluate the Quality of Your Resident Wellness Program

How NIFS Staff Spend Their Time In Senior Living Fitness Centers

Corporate Fitness: Free Workout Friday - Strengthen Your Core

Increasing Participation in Senior Living Fitness Programs (Part 2)

Free Workout Friday: Dumbbell workout for at home, on the road, or at work

NIFS Nutrition News: Six Foods to Increase Vitamin D in Your Diet

Increasing Participation in Senior Living Fitness Programs (Part 1)

Free Workout Friday: Tone and Stretch

Is Your Senior Fitness Program Challenging Enough?

NIFS Member Speak: Mandy Kisamore transforms herself and her family

What If: Your Corporate Fitness Center Was Free of Intimidation?

Corporate Fitness: Free Workout Friday, Utilizing your Bodyweight

75 year old resident with Parkinson's steps up to the challenge

Active Aging: Beating the cold weather blues

Free Workout Friday: Use your own body weight

Corporate Wellness: Learn what you can do to prevent heart disease

Corporate Fitness: Free Workout Friday - Progressive Overload

NIFS Member Speaks: Sherri Pryor made exercise a part of her life

NIFS Nutrition News: Beware of AdvoCare®, a message from Laura

Corporate Fitness: Free Workout Friday -- Flexibility

What If: We Did Corporate Wellness FOR Our Employees, Not TO Them?

Free Workout Friday: Cardiovascular and Strength Training

Free Workout Friday: Components of a Cool Down

2015 Fitness Trends, are you already incorporating these in your workout?

NIFS Fitness Management: Free Workout Fridays Back in 2015

Try Positive Resolutions for the New Year

NIFS: Gain positive thinking with practices and questions (Part 2)

NIFS: How does positive thinking impact your life?

12 Days of Fitness: Keep Participants Active During the Holidays

Senior Living: Five Tips for a Restful Night Sleep

3 Ways  Fitness Participation Data Improves Senior Living Communites

Corporate Wellness: Laughing... it's good for the soul and your health

Corporate Wellness: Tis the season for volunteering

How One Senior Living Community Got Focused on Brain Fitness

Corporate Wellness: Think PINK Year Round

NIFS: How a simple squat challenge helped corporate fitness metrics

Corporate Wellness: Sleep Ergonomics

NIFS Nutrition News: Top 5 Worst Snacks to Eat While Watching Football

NIFS: The Substitute; Don't Fear an Unknown Group Fitness Instructor

Top 10 Reasons Exercise Is Important for Senior Health

Corporate Fitness: How to make fitness fun with pumpkins

Corporate Fitness: Increasing Fitness Participation with SKELETONE

Corporate Fitness: 5 Tips for Staying Motivated

NIFS: Food and Bribery in Education

NIFS Nutrition News: The Carbohydrate Truth

Corporate Wellness: Tipping the scale with NIFS Maintain Not Gain program – part 2

Corporate Wellness: Tipping the scale with NIFS Maintain Not Gain program – part 1

Active Aging Week: What does it take to plan a successful event?

Do office pets decrease stress in the workplace?

Senior Living Activities: Bring the Putting Green Indoors

NIFS: Be Active in the City over the Holiday

Corporate Fitness: Walk or Run for Heart Health

Adding group fitness classes to your corporate wellness menu

Active Aging: What if your activities director stopped being an order taker

Corporate Fitness: How to engage employees in a manufacturing setting

NIFS: Physical Fitness Standards, Men vs Women

NIFS: Back to School, Back to a Routine

NIFS: Out of ideas for a great workout?

How to get employees moving with great wellness programs

NIFS Nutrition News: For the Love of Peanut Butter

NIFS: Importance of Sun Safety at an Early Age

What You Can Do to Keep Your Parents from Falling (Part 2 of 2)

NIFS Member Speaks: Stepping out of her comfort zone

Making Fitness Fun in Corporate Wellness

What You Can Do to Keep Your Parents from Falling (Part 1 of 2)

NIFS: Celebrating Fatherhood

The Rap on Wraps: Do slimming wraps work?

High-Touch Versus High-Tech in Corporate Wellness

Creativity Meets Physical Activity in Senior Living

Active Aging: Why should I consume probiotics?

3 Reasons to Add a Corporate Fitness Center to Your Wellness Program

NIFS: How to face your fears

Senior Living: Using Wellness Programs to Combat “Someday Syndrome”

NIFS: Top 3 reasons to increase fruit and veggie consumption

Active Aging: Liven Up Your Olympics Programming (Part 2 of 2)

NIFS: Women, Take Charge of Your Health

NIFS: Encourage bike to work week for employee health

Active Aging: Breathe Life into Olympic Programming (Part 1 of 2)

NIFS: Exercise for Charity

How we engage residents in senior living fitness programs

NIFS: Wake up Feet; Why do your feet fall asleep when exercising?

NIFS: Lifting weights will make you bulky... MYTH

Active Aging: Read for Brain Health

NIFS Nutrition News: Intermittent Fasting

Active Aging: Lessons Learned for Teaching Classes in Memory Care

NIFS: Ten Myths that Fool the Smartest of Exercisers

NIFS: Strive for Sleep

NIFS Nutrition News: Get back on track!

NIFS: Fitness Apps for your Smart Phone

NIFS Confessions of a Health Coach: The Right Shoe

Why Nobody’s Using Your New Resident Fitness Center (Part 3 of 3)

NIFS: Nutrition Labels Get a Much Needed Face Lift

NIFS Member Speaks: Aziza Hunt shares her Motivation

Why Nobody's Using Your New Resident Fitness Center (Part 2 of 3)

Active Aging: Making time for Physical Activity

Why Nobody's Using Your New Resident Fitness Center (Part 1 of 3)

Three Lessons Employers Can Learn about Corporate Wellness from CVS

NIFS Nutrition News: Is It Possible to Do a “Safe” Juice Cleanse?

NIFS: Seven things we can learn from Olympic Athletes

Corporate Fitness Program Spotlight: Club PED

NIFS: How Happy is your Heart?

5 Ways Wellness Consulting helps the Mission of your Senior Living Community

NIFS: Go Red for Heart Health

NIFS Nutrition News: Beware of AdvoCare® Weight-Loss Supplements

NIFS: Post Game Diet Damage Control

NIFS: 4 Additional REALISTIC Tips for a Fumble-Free Football Party

NIFS: Game Day Healthy Food Swaps

Do Your Residents Understand That Wellness Is More Than Fitness?

The Alternative to Personal Training in Corporate Fitness

Under Fire: Exercise Pre-Screening Tool Being Questioned

Two Key Things Your Wellness Program May Be Missing

Active Aging: Beginning Exercise Program for Seniors

Active Aging: Recruiting new residents to join the fitness center

Corporate Wellness: The Scale - Friend or Foe?

Top 6 Reasons to Join Your Corporate Fitness Center

Top 5 Wellness Blogs from 2013 that you may have Missed

Confessions of a Health Coach: A Recovering Perfectionist

5 Tips for Sticking to Your New Year's Resolutions

NIFS Fitness Management: 12 Days of Wellness

NIFS: Staying Healthy through the Holidays

Corporate Wellness: Of the People, By the People, and For the People

NIFS Fitness Management: Free Workout Friday - Holiday Calorie Burn

Why Capturing Corporate Fitness Center ROI Is Like Spotting a Unicorn

NIFS Fitness Management's Thanksgiving Traditions

3 Must Do's During a Fitness Center Renovation (Part 2 of 2)

3 Must Do’s During a Fitness Center Renovation (Part 1 of 2)

Free Workout Friday - Maintain Not Gain

Four Pillars for an Engaging Wellness Program in Senior Living

Corporate Wellness: Free Workout Friday - Turkey Trot Training

NIFS Member Speaks: Ashley Shirley, Fit After Kids

NIFS Fitness Management: Fitness Tricks and Treats

Trick or Treat? Corporate Wellness and Philanthropy

Corporate Wellness: Free Workout Friday - Pumpkin Workout

NIFS Nutrition News: Pumpkin isn't just for pie

Corporate Wellness: Free Workout Friday - Take the Stairs

Wellness in Senior Living: Kit vs. Culture

Corporate Wellness: Free Workout Friday - Tabata

My Story... NIFS Members Speak - Lasalle Pinnock

Corporate Wellness: Free Workout Friday - Plyometrics

Benefits to offering Zumba Gold® in your Active Aging Community

Corporate Wellness: Free Workout Friday - Band Workout with Partner

3 Programming Twists to Boost Fitness Center Participation

Benefits of Tracking Participation Data in Community Fitness Programs

Active Aging: How to do wellness staffing right

Corporate Wellness: Free Workout Friday - Take it Outside

Senior Fitness: Beat the Heat with Aquatic Exercise

Corporate Wellness: Free Workout Friday - 10 Minute Abs

Corporate Wellness: Obesity, is there a cure? (Part 3 of 3)

Corporate Wellness: Free Workout Friday - Tabata

Corporate Fitness Center: The Other Side

Corporate Wellness: Free Workout Friday - 200 Squats

Active Aging: Workout Technique - Form First

Corporate Wellness: How did we get overweight? (Part 2 of 3)

NIFS Nutrition News: How to burn those calories consumed at the fair

Why Fitness Initiatives Fail in Corporate Wellness: Truth #4

Corporate Wellness: Free Workout Friday - Stability Ball

Why Fitness Initiatives Fail in Corporate Wellness: Truth #3

Corporate Wellness: Free Workout Friday - Band Workout

3 Tips for Hiring an Active Aging or Corporate Fitness Professional

Corporate Wellness: Is Obesity Really a Disease?

Active Aging: Taking the Extra Step Toward Fitness

Corporate Wellness: Free Workout Friday - Take it outdoors

Why Fitness Initiatives Fail in Corporate Wellness: Truth #2

Corporate Wellness: Free Workout Friday - Push Up Challenge

Why Fitness Initiatives Fail in Corporate Wellness: Truth #1

NIFS: Eating Cherries to Reduce Pain and Inflammation

Corporate Wellness: Free Workout Friday - Interval Workout

Corporate Wellness: Free Workout Friday - Vacation Workout

Corporate Wellness: Exercising Outdoors in the Heat of July

Proven Strategies for Building a World-Class Senior Wellness Program

Corporate Wellness: Free Workout Friday - Elliptical Routine

How to Build a Better Fitness Center for Your Residents

Proven Strategies for Building a World-Class Senior Wellness Program

Corporate Wellness: Free Workout Friday - Cardio Circuit

Putting Ourselves in Our Corporate Wellness Clients’ Shoes

Corporate Wellness: Free Workout Friday - Sprint Workout

3 Keys to Maintaining your Fitness Motivation

Physical Activity and Exercise Help Seniors Stay Independent

Corporate Fitness: Free Workout Friday - Training Ropes

“Must-Do” Responsibilities for Retirement Community Fitness Managers

Corporate Fitness: Free Workout Friday - Mini Boot Camp

Yoga in the Workplace for Employee Health and Productivity

Free Workout Friday: Indy 500 Endurance Workout

How to Combat Sitting, a Workplace Health Crisis (Part 2)

Top 5 things to avoid when building a fitness center for senior living communities

Two New NIFS Clients with Two Different Service Angles

Free Workout Friday: Partner Workout

How to Combat Sitting, a Workplace Health Crisis (Part 1)

Balance Training is Important at Any Age

Free Workout Friday: Balance Challenge

NIFS Nutrition News: Is Gluten-Free for Me?

Struggling with Occupancy at Your Senior Living Community?

Free Workout Friday: Summer Arms

Fitness Benefits of Gardening and Lawn Work

My Story... Joining Forces with Co-workers

Free Workout Friday: Switch up the cardio routine

Employee Health: What is in your diet... Food or Supplements?

Active Aging: Wellness is more than Exercise, It's Multidimensional

Free Workout Friday: Core Strength

Evaluating Your Retirement Community Fitness Program

The Secrets of a Successful Senior Living Wellness Brand

Free Workout Friday: Upper Back Routine

4 Keys to Getting Wellness Program Data You Can Actually Use, Part 2

Free Workout Friday: Pushups

4 Keys to Getting Wellness Program Data You Can Actually Use

Stretching: What Is This, the Stone Age

Free Workout Friday: Weight-Loss Circuit

How to Burn off Easter Candy Calories

Pick Your Arthritis Battles: How Exercise Can Help

Free Workout Friday: March Madness Workout

5 Reasons Your Residents Don’t Engage in Community Wellness

My Story... Residents Benefit from NIFS Top Notch Fitness Program

Free Workout Friday: Upper and Lower Body Combo Exercises

How to Develop Successful Group Fitness Classes in Senior Living

Balance Programs: Are You Meeting Your Residents’ Needs?

NIFS: Core Power, Coca-Cola invests in a Healthy Protein Shake

Free Workout Friday: Strong, Pain Free Lower Back

3 Must-Haves in Group Fitness Instructors for CCRCs

Free Workout Friday: Strengthen Your Muscles with Yoga

How to Establish a Balance Training Regimen

Corporate Fitness: FREE Workout Friday

How to Improve Balance with Weight Shifting Exercises

Corporate Fitness: FREE Workout Friday

An End to the Dark vs. Milk Chocolate Debate

How to Address Senior Fitness Class Challenges

3 Tips to Relieve Joint Pain

Corporate Fitness: FREE Workout Friday

The Simple Truth about Exercise Adherence in Senior Fitness

Corporate Fitness: FREE Workout Friday

Employee Health and Nutrition: The Pros and Cons of Organic Foods

Corporate Fitness: FREE Workout Friday

Senior Fitness: Importance of good posture

NIFS Nutrition News: Making Resolutions Stick

Corporate Fitness: FREE Workout Friday

NIFS: January Class of the Month - Bodycombat

NIFS Fitness Management: 2013 Resolutions

Corporate Fitness: FREE Workout Friday

Wellness starts at home

Corporate Fitness: Free Workout Friday

Senior Wellness: New Year, New You

NIFS: Overcoming a Nutrition and Fitness Backslide

NIFS Nutrition News: 'Tis the Season for Holiday Baking

Corporate Fitness: Foam Roller Therapy for Beginners

Employee Health: Having Eggs for Breakfast Can Help You Lose Weight

Corporate Fitness Review: Insanity® (Part 2: Cons)

Mixing Elliptical and Walking for Employee Fitness

Corporate Fitness Review: Insanity® (Part 1: Pros)

Top 10 Corporate Fitness Center Management RFP Questions

Corporate Wellness Works Better When Leaders Walk the Talk

NIFS Nutrition and Fitness for the Holidays

NIFS Nutrition News: Fabulous Fall Recipes for Employee Health

NIFS Fitness Center: Green Nutrition Tips from Michael Pollan

NIFS Nutrition News: Rice and Arsenic

Avoiding Chemicals and Germs for Workplace Wellness

Employee Wellness: The Science Behind Produce Stickers

NIFS Nutrition News: Eat Better…Work Better?

Employee Health: Healthy Eating on the Night Shift

NIFS: Plan for a safe Halloween

Retirement Community Fitness Centers - Is Bigger Always Better?

Top 3 reasons to outsource fitness center management

Senior Wellness: Can a healthy community culture can help your marketing department?

NIFS Fitness Management Kicks Off Active Aging Week

Corporate Wellness, Employee Engagement, ROI, oh my

When Upper Management Exercises in the Corporate Fitness Center

Corporate Fitness and Nutrition: Food for Optimal Energy

Corporate Fitness: Four Ways to Relieve Sore Muscles

Corporate Fitness: The Battle of BMI vs. Body Composition

Weight Loss: Reducing Calories, Not Taste

Employee Health: The Reality of the Weight Loss Rule

Exercise Your Brain for Corporate and Senior Wellness

Employee Health and Nutrition: New Risks of Diet Sodas

Employee Health: Take Your Exercise Routine on Vacation

Employee Wellness: Healthy Joints, Healthy Body

Corporate Wellness: Bail Your Body Out of Sleep Debt

Senior Wellness: Exer-games Provide Cognitive Benefit

The Importance of Breakfast for Employee Health

Tackling Workplace Fitness at Lunchtime

Olympic Inspiration - Mind and Body Matter

Corporate Fitness Center Turns 20 Years Old!

NIFS Nutrition News: Take It Off, Keep It Off!

Stay Fit on Weekends Away from the Corporate Fitness Center

New Habits, a Lifetime of Results at NIFS's Slim It to Win It

Chronic Sitting Is Bad for Employee Health

Facts on Fiber: Good for Weight Loss and More

NIFS Wellness Coordinator and Dietitian loves the Farmers' Market

UV Safety Awareness for Corporate Wellness

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