Corporate Fitness and Active Aging

The importance of recreation and social interaction for active older adults

Getting employees involved in fitness and wellness programming with residents: a win-win strategy!

The Leg Press May Save Your Life

Top 3 Reasons to Add Walking to your Fitness Plan

The Science Behind Compression Clothing

How to improve your mile time

3 Things Residents Love about the NuStep!

Why Sticking to Your Workouts Might be a Challenge

3 Tips for Increasing Water Intake

Seasonal Affective Disorder:  Tips for Keeping Senior Residents Active

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Breathe and Brace: Benefits of Effectively Bracing Your Core

Incorporating Meditation for Pain Management

What is Somatic Exercise?

How to get started with your fitness journey!

Senior Living: The Power of Gratitude

3 Ways to Help You Relax

How Staffing Can Be a Solution to Your Fitness Center Design Questions

Senior Living Providers: It’s time for more than group fitness

Navigating the Holidays: Setting Healthy Goals

Celebrating Active Aging Week with NIFS: Artful Aging

10 Tips for Walking 10,000 Steps a Day!

Indoor Cycling: What to Expect

Senior Living: Walking in Awe

Creative Planning for an Engaging Falls Prevention Week

Adding Balance into your Exercise Routine

Why You Should Exercise Your Brain

Functional Balance Exercises

Hydration Beyond Liquids

Training Imbalances to Achieve Better Balance

Balance Training Tools: Cost effecive options (Part 2)

Balance Training Tools: An Investment for Senior Living (Part 1)

Senior Living Event from NIFS: A Workshop During Falls Prevention Week

How to stay active on vacation: Why you should not stop your routine

Debunking Fitness Myths

Hydration in the Summer Months

How to increase enthusiasm daily

Senior Living: A Key Service your Program May Be Missing

Keeping Exercise Fun

How to achieve 100 miles in a month

A Special Pledge to Pump it from Brio Living Services

How many steps a day should I really be getting?

Laughter is Medicine

Active Aging: Train like a boxer for championship results

How to buy the right exercise equipment for your residents

Why the NIFS Fitness Pros Love the NuStep

Why Senior Living Needs Parkinson’s Wellness Resources

Top 5 things to avoid when building a fitness center for senior living communities

How does regular physical activity help improve your overall health?

4 Reasons to Exercise in Water

Using the NuStep for Building Cardio, Endurance, and Strength

The NuStep - a Senior Living Fitness Center Must Have

NIFS Pump it for Parkinson’s: A Special Event, 15 years in the making!

NIFS Announces Pump It for Parkinson's: A Senior Living Event

What is a fitness assessment and how can you benefit from it?

Exercise with Arthritis and Joint Replacement

Bold Moves – an inclusive class for residents with Parkinson’s

Worried About Retaining Staff in Your Senior Living Fitness Center?

How NIFS Became Experts in Parkinson’s Fitness Programming

Why Exercise is Important for those with Parkinson's Disease

4 Tips for Aging at Home

Get Rid of Winter Blues with Attitude, Fitness, and More

Health and Wellness Trends to Incorporate in 2023

Parkinson’s & Exercise: Enhancing Skills of NIFS Bold Moves Coaches

New Year, Better You! Finding Motivation for Focusing on Healthy Habits

When to use heat or ice to manage pain

Managing Stress Eating

5 Energy Boosting Tips

Being Active with Family During the Holiday Season

Maintain Your Routine through the Holidays

Saving Money at the Grocery Store

Improve Your Health with Gratitude

Active Aging: 7 Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise

Changing Up Your Routine, Try New Exercises!

Dietitian Connection: Have a Healthy Halloween

Why should I be meditating?

NIFS Collaboration: Maximizing Resident Engagement

How to properly fuel your body, pre/post workout

Pool Flexibility for Seniors

Alkaline Water: Is It Worth the Hydration Hype?

Tips for Staying Hydrated

What’s the best??? Practical tips from a NIFS pro!

Summer Food Safety: Eating Outdoors

Suspension Training For Seniors

Can Physical Activity Improve Your Memory?

The Importance of Changing Up Your Workout

Engage with Your Age

Dietitian Connection: Is Your Supplement Safe

Barre is not just for the young, but the young at heart!

The Importance of Evaluating Progress

Food and Your Mood

Taking Time for Your Mental Health

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Seniors, Do they Mix?

Finding the Right Shoe for You

Active Aging: Why and How do I Stay Hydrated?

6 Seated Stretches That Can Be Done Every Day to Improve Flexibility

Taking the First Step, Setting a Goal

How to fix Not-So-Healthy Eating Habits that Lead to Overeating

Tips for Improving Sleep

Meal Prep for Success

Making Healthier Choices When Eating Out

How do I describe my pain to my doctor?

Health Benefits of Random Acts of Kindness

Balance Training: From the Ground Up

Fall Prevention Week gets an Upgrade

NIFS High Five: Andre McCormack

Nutrition for a Healthy Heart: Are all fats bad?

Exercise and Heart Health

The Healthy Exercise Pyramid


Staff High Five: Kara Gootee-Robinson

Tips for Mindful Eating

Being Mindful of Your Time, Scheduling for Success

Staff High Five: Kelly Stinnett

Nine Nutrition-Related New Year's Resolutions to Set (and Stick To!)

The Power of Music During Exercise

Staff High Five: Kelsey Devereaux

Get Active this Winter!

Tips from NIFS to Help Your Staffing Struggles

Staff High Five: Candace Montgomery

The Impact of Physical Activity on Mood

Fall Prevention: Picking Proper Workout Apparel is Key

Creating a Simple Exercise Program

Staff High Five: Tara VanNess

Strategies to Avoid Overeating During Holidays

Aging Gracefully & Living Your Best Life!

Staff High Five: Angelica Patterson

The Recipe for Healthy Aging

Senior living residents take on the NIFS Summer Games

Testimonials Say It All – The Impact of Flexible Corporate Fitness Programs

Staff High Five: Keith Ledbetter

Making healthy goals to create healthy habits

Staff High Five: Charles Bartlett

Sit-to-Stand is the new go-to move for senior living residents

Staff High Five: Ashley Smith

Creating a Parkinson’s Specific Group Fitness Class

Staff High Five: Joy Higbee

Be Aware of Your Air – 4 Basics of Understanding Air Quality

Staff High Five: Karen Kloss

3 Tips to Keep Senior Group Fitness Fun and Engaging

Corporate Fitness: Welcoming Employees Back to the Fitness Center

Staff High Five: Morgan Garrett

3 Tips for Hiring an Active Aging or Corporate Fitness Professional

Parkinson’s Disease and Exercise

Step Your Way Through July to Prove YOU Move with NIFS

Staff High Five: Mike Hertzler

The Health Benefits of Being Outdoors

Staff High Five: Brian DuVall

Residents Seek Quality Senior Living Fitness Programs

What Corporate Fitness Members Gain from Group Fitness

NIFS High Five: Rebecca Guetig

Senior Living: 3 Tips for Better Vocational Wellness

5 Considerations for Reopening Your Corporate Fitness Center

Senior Living: Building Confidence with Targeted Fitness Classes

Staff High Five: Kaitlyn Pando

5 Tips for the Beginner Hiker

Staff High Five: Tracy Yost

The Weather is Warming Up and So Should You!

Cross Training: Is it right for you?

How to Start a Home Garden

4 Tips for Seniors to Maintain and Improve Balance

Staff High Five: Hannah Nordin

5 Reasons Your Company Needs a Wellness Professional

Bust Outdoors this Spring!

NIFS is Supporting the Heartline Study and You Can Too

Staff High Five: Tim Parrott

Active Aging: Avoid Getting Rusty, Move More!

Staff High Five: Luci Wyatt

Staff High Five: Tylene Costello

Comfort Companions: for the love of pets

Staff High Five: Maddie DeVries

NIFS High Five: Jane Reynolds

Where to start when lifting weights

Staff High Five: Jaclyn Ruemmler

One resident’s reason to keep pushing forward

Active Aging: Practicing Gratitude to Support Well-Being

Staff High Five: Moira Cogswell

What's Your Cup of Tea?

Staff High Five: Jordan Matthews

Fitness Center Staffing, Hiring the Best

Staff High Five: Kayla Hill

Time for Creativity to Enhance Your Wellbeing

Holiday Celebrations in the Pandemic Season

Staff High Five: Christy Monday

Outsourcing Your Senior Living Fitness Center with The Pros

Staff High Five: Lauren Kelsheimer

A Guide to Surviving Quarantine for the Active Ager

Staff High Five: Megan McQuade

NIFS' Personal Fitness Quest Delivers Accountability Employees Need

Why Your Employees Need Corporate Fitness Expertise Now More Than Ever

Fall Into a New Wellness Routine

Staff High Five: Rachel Leszczynski

Why we can quit following health observances in senior living?

A Well Rounded Self-Care Routine

Corporate Fitness: Maintaining Connections in a Virtual World

Three Ways to Fight Belly Fat at Home

Senior Living: 5 Heart-Pumping Moves for Small Spaces

7 Ways to Loosen Up After Sitting

Move More: Take a Break from Sitting