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Staff High Five: Charles Bartlett

We say it with pride quite regularly, our amazing staff in corporate and senior living fitness centers are what help us serve our clients so well. Their strong educational background in health and fitness helps us set the bar high while their exceptional creativity and relationship building skills allows them to keep their members engaged and asking what’s coming next. Since we have the privilege of getting to know our staff across the country, we thought our followers might like to as well. Join us monthly as we throw a different NIFS team member a High Five.

  • CBartlettName: Charles Bartlett
  • City, State: Atlanta, GA
  • Years with NIFS: 3 years
  • Position: Health Fitness Specialist
  • What brought you to NIFS: If we are being honest, literally brought me to NIFS.
  • What is the most impactful moment you have shared with a member: My most impactful moment was fairly recent. I am working with a client right now who has worked harder than anyone I have had previously, and has been very consistent with her appointments with me (she has even helped me get additional clients). She has continued to improve and can now stand up with out pushing off of her legs. It has taken several months, but it is a real success story.
  • What separates a NIFS fitness pro from the rest: A full time NIFS employee working in a senior living community will always have an advantage over other franchise gym employees simply because of the challenges they face. Every age related chronic condition will be a factor in your daily routines and programming. NIFS employees also aren’t forced to adhere to a sales goal of PT and memberships. You can actually do what you’re supposed to do as a fitness professional, build stronger bodies and instill confidence,  without pressuring and harassing gym patrons with “deals or packages”.
  • What is your favorite thing about working at your client site: My favorite thing about my role is that I get to help those who genuinely want and need help.
  • What motivates you: My motivation is knowing that I actually get paid for something that I love to do. And that’s help others better themselves physically and mentally.
  • What is your favorite hobby: Travelling, Cooking, exercising and watching college football are my favorite hobbies.

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