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Bust Outdoors this Spring!

GettyImages-1225849007The winter months have come to a close and we have officially made it to April. It is the time of year when Spring has finally returned. The days are getting longer and warmer as we finally start getting back to a more normal environment. It’s time to take part in the many joys that Spring brings. During the winter months, we spend so much time indoors that by the time Spring rolls around our bodies are in desperate need of some Vitamin D. Make time to get outside each day to soak up that sun and warmth you have missed!

Check out these ideas and make the time to step outside:

  1. Go for a walk or run: For some, getting your steps in is hard during the winter months if you don’t have access to a treadmill or place to walk safely. Now that it is Spring, the outside can be your gym! Take your workout outdoors and find walking or running trails. You can also walk around your neighborhood and enjoy the seasonal changes.
  2. Garden: Try something new and work on planting a garden or try your green thumb at house plants. It doesn’t have to be anything too big. Start with a couple of vegetables or some different flowers. This gives you a great excuse to get outside and sneak some exercise in as well. If you are needing some inspiration of where to start with a garden, check out this link!
  3. Do your work outside: If you are working from home it can be very easy to get stuck in the habit of sitting at the same spot day in and out. If you have the ability and flexibility to, take your work or computer outside to the back patio. This change of scenery is a great way to get a breath of fresh air and soak up vitamin D.
  4. Grill out on the patio: Try planning to grill out a couple times a week or even take your lunch break outside. If you have kids at home, plan a picnic in the backyard for a fun activity. Spending some time outdoors at the end of the day is a great way to decompress after a long day.
  5. Encourage the family to get outside: Schedule a household recess. Take a break from technology and spend time with outdoor activities during the evening. A family walk or bike ride is a great way to burn some energy and build lifelong habits.

What do you most enjoy about spending Spring outdoors?

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NIFS: Encourage bike to work week for employee health

man biking to workIt’s MAY, birds are chirping the sun is out and oh yea watch for blinky lights and reflective leg bands, bike season has started! While some dread sharing the road with the two wheeled, foot powering transportation others love this chance to take advantage of the trails and bike lanes in your city. Well the truth is you SHOULD! Step outside of your normal comfort zone and bike to the store or run other errands while getting some exercise in!

Getting back on your bike can be a great way to involve the family, get involved with a new community and a little extra physical activity into your day! Great benefits of biking or commuting by bike include:

  • low impact exercise
  • creates a low environmental impact
  • it’s the most energy efficient type of transportation
  • reduces stress and travel stressors
  • saves money and so much more

Conduct an ABC Quick Check before each ride:

  • Air: Check the air in your tires. They should be inflated to the maximum rated PSI, you can find this number on the side of your tires. They should be inflated to the firmness of a basketball if you don’t have a pressure gauge.
  • Brakes: Brakes should be in working order if they stop the back when pushed forward or backwards. Brakes should be in working order if they stop wheels when pulled.
  • Chain: Chain should move freely, lightly oiled and rust-free. 

May 12-16 is Bike to work week this supports all levels of bikers to take advantage of active transportation. Here is a great website to get tips and tricks on biking to work or everyday biking. Check into other employee benefits at your work such as a bike commuter reimbursement.

How is your company promoting worksite wellness for employees?  Our staff offer great programs to encourage employees to get healthy.  Opt in to our Best Practice Series to receive 11 of our Best Practices implemented by our staff.


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Yoga in the Workplace for Employee Health and Productivity

workplace yogaTwenty years ago, would you have ever thought you would be checking out the break-room bulletin board and coming across a yoga class being offered in the office or onsite gym? Chances are it would have been highly unlikely, not to mention overlooked because it did not have the buzz or trendy reputation it does now.

Hopefully, most of us now know that the benefits of yoga practice in a chair, studio, or corporate fitness center go beyond meditation, headstands, flameless candles, thin sticky mats, and soothing music. I have seen yoga become an increasingly positive influence in workplaces all over the country with a melting pot of populations. You might even see children and pets taking advantage of the yoga inspiration.

The interest in increasing productivity and improving employee health has weighed heavily on corporate America. Long hours at a desk, aching back, neck pain, burnout, and emotional discontent are all repetitive stressors corporate employees face each day. Did you know that this, in turn, amounts to less productivity? What is your company doing about it?

Think about this, as an employee: What would you do with an extra 15-minute mandatory stress break built into your day?

Offering free stress-relief options such as yoga is a simple and convenient way to help employees find stress relief in the office. True, it’s up to each individual to start their practice, but I promise once you start you won’t stop. The great thing about yoga at work is that it’s a time to take a break from your desk and relieve stress. It’s convenient, and it feels good!

Chair yoga is becoming popular among executives as a boardroom break; this is a great alternative to unit meetings or exercising at your own desk. That’s the greatest benefit of yoga: it can be done anywhere and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time!

Yoga won’t cure all, nor will it be chosen by all. But it sure has shown to be a great addition to corporate wellness offerings. Many of the yogis tell me they love doing yoga at work because they can practice in a noncompetitive and nonjudgmental atmosphere and experience it with coworkers. Many of the participants enjoy the multiple benefits. After final relaxation, it helps guide them to a calmer state of being as they return to work. It also helps improve core stability and balance, and helps increase total body strength. We try to make sure all energy is left at the door. Each person is focused on their own practice of the day.

Get your groove on with NIFS group fitness classes

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